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About Us

Farah Nazzal - 1st Generation


Farah Nazzal was born in Jerusalem, 1925. He is the founder of Jordan Tourist Agency. In 1957 in Jerusalem he married to Tamam Abu Ata and they did not have children. Karim, being the nephew of Farah and Tamam, started working for the office while he was working in France. As Farah got older, Karim purchased the office from Farah in 1982.


Karim Abu Ata - 2nd Generation

Previous CEO

& Dad

Karim was born in Jerusalem on January 21 and spent his life between Jordan and Jerusalem. He studied French literature in France and was the 2nd generation of the Jordan Tourist Agency, after his uncle, Farah Nazzal. Karim was married to Nariman Hanna and have four daughters: Nisreen Abu Ata, MD (currently working Iowa Military Hospital), Nadine Abu Ata, MD, (currently working in Cincinnati Children's Hospital), Nour Abu Ata, MA (currently CEO of Jordan Tourist Agency, Jerusalem), Nadia Abu Ata, RD, (currently working in Weisman Institute, Rehovot).

Karim was a very loving father and made the impossible happen for his family and daughters. He will always be remembered by tour leaders, group leaders and Pastors the world over.

Nour Karim Abu Ata - 3rd Generation

CEO, Jordan Tourist Agency

Nour was born in Jerusalem the third daughter of Karim Abu Ata. Nour completed her BA in Media and Journalism, and her second BA in Education for Special Needs. Nour loves working with kindergarten for children with special needs and is also full-time with Jordan Tourist Agency as the present CEO. She has been the present CEO for the last 12 years.


Nour loves giving to the tourist groups straight from the heart by caring for their needs and making a tour of the Holy Land a memorable experience for every tourist.

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